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Mission Statement

The Beijing Huangshu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital was founded in 2006 with the purpose of bringing the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to Chinese and non-Chinese persons who seek Traditional Chinese Medicine as a cure for a variety of ailments which Western medicine had failed to remedy. Beginning with the modest staff, the hospital opened at its present four-story location on 25 Jin Tai Road in Southeast Beijing and rapidly expanded its range of services and expertise.

Today, the hospital has a staff of 20 full-time doctors and 15 nurses, among a full-time staff numbering 60 people. In addition, the hospital also employs a compliment of visiting doctors and health professional who are available for medical consultations and treatments. The hospital offers a broad spectrum of treatments for oestoarthritic ailments, shoulder and knee conditions, chronic pain, chronic lower back problems, as well as neck and spinal conditions. In addition, Beijing Huangshu TCM Hospital is a recognized leader in the treatment of prostate care and pelvic disease.

In-patient and out-patient treatments provided by the Hospital include acupuncture and electroacupuncture, masseotherapy, We also have an on-site, comprehensive pharmacy offering a full complement of Western and Chinese pharmaceutical products. In 2008, the hospital provided treatments to more than 500 foreign in-patients and additional 5,000 received outpatient services. In addition, we also operate two hospital clinics in Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia.

Beijing Huangshu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-efficient services to its inpatient and outpatient communities. Our highly-trained staff provides first-rate, one-on-one care comparable to any other TCM hospital in Beijing. We welcome you to join us at one of free TCM clinics and to meet and consult with our staff on your particular medical conditions.

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